Approximately 34.2 million Americans serve as caregivers to adults age 50 or older. Knowing a loved one who suffers from dementia can be mentally, emotionally, and physically tolling. Our goal is to connect you with the right doctors that can help you, along with the reliable information and resources you need to better understand how to help your loved one. With all the resources you need one click away, you can go back to being there for your loved one, without the added stress. We believe in the power of caregivers - after all, caregivers save lives.

Research has even found on average, that patients under high mental health caregivers live two years longer than patients under low mental health caregivers

Some of us on the team have been personally affected by Alzheimer's and two of us are working on a project to improve Alzheimer's diagnosis, and we wanted to bring our passion to bitcamp.

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