Inspiration: I participated at last year`s dementHack and was touched by the wandering problem. I decided to take advantage of smart-watches to come up with a solution

What it does: The watch shares GPS data with the caregiver through a web app and can receive text and phone calls as it has its own GSM chip.

How I built it: Ruby on Rail for the web app and Tizen-sdk for the smartwatch

Challenges I ran into: Tizen-sdk was not straight forward to use and documentation is not huge... Also google maps to manipulate data and compare coordinates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: On the rails side, I was able to set google maps that could set perimeters around addresses and then see if the watch wearer is outside of that perimeter.

What I learned: got more comfortable with google maps

What's next for careMly: I would love to commercialize it as the other comparable product are more expensive and offer less functions.

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