August 21 is celebrated as Senior Citizens Day the world to highlight the importance of taking care of elderly citizens and helping them live with dignity. These people have a variety of needs that include medical treatment, and some of them may have mental health difficulties. The elderly, however, are urged to stay at home during the current epidemic to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

How do these people interact with their doctors and receive care? And most importantly how do they receive love? How can they keep track of their medicine consumption when they're alone .How can they keep track of their heart conditions ?

What it does

Our app CAREGRAN is primarily designed for senior citizens .CAREGRAN has many features such as shopping, connect, health, newsreader, music, consultation. In shopping page, it provides an online store designed specifically for senior people to purchase their necessities.

They may utilise CAREGRAN in their leisure time to communicate with friends and family as well as orphaned children, spend time with them through video chat, have fun with them, and convey love and motivation to them.

Our app CAREGRAN has a calorie tracker which shows the amount of calories they reduced daily, a built-in alarm that reminds people to take their medications, a BP tracker which keeps a track of the blood pressure with the help of a graph and also a glucose buddy which helps them to keep a track of their sugar levels as elders are prone to diabetes .

It also has a journal for physician notes where they can keep their personalized notes of the things they do and to-do lists.

CAREGRAN also provides newspapers in different languages and also features a built-in narrator that tells them the daily news, making their job easier.

In music CAREGRAN provides them with golden oldie melodies to keep them entertained and refresh their memories.

In consultation our app suggests that they consult with a personal consultant on a daily basis for their healthcare, Patients' health reports will be updated weekly in the dashboard in order to improve their health treatment. In case of emergency they can enable their location and that will help them to locate the nearby hospitals and it also shows the distance and can also contact them. In this health we have added the detailed information of the caretaker of the elderly person such as his contact number, even the elderly person can message or videocall him also. As mental care is very essential we have added a psychologist who can help the elderly people deal with their emotional status through mental care, meditation and much more activities.

The most essential addition is the ambulance feature, which includes a list of ambulance driver contact numbers as well as a hospital ambulance number.

How we built it

We used Figma UI Design tool, to create a mock up of our project and the individual pages.

Challenges we ran into

We had a problem getting user input, but we were able to solve it utilizing figma's overlay feature .There were also some issues with the connections of the slides but those were looked after by the efforts of the team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of the aesthetics and overall UI of the project. We also think that our idea is something that could be used in real life to help get people interested in taking care of their elderly people. We are proud of the app that we made in less than 24 hrs. We are proud to have built an app design that is going to help elderly people in their low, either mentally or physically. It allows them to get all of the affection from youngsters in orphanage which also prevents elderly people from feeling lonely, which is a unique feature of our software and most importantly we are proud that we have added all the features which would be necessary for elderly people.

What we learned

We learned how to better use Figma to improve the cohesion between front and back end. We were able to learn advanced animations of figma. We learned that there is a lot that could be made in 24 hours; teamwork and efficient management from our hardworking members was all that was needed! As evident, you can build anything!.

What's next for CAREGRAN

In the future, we want to expand to a mobile application. We'd like to add some more features and pages such as a feasible calendar, so that it will have some of the important events and our pre built alarm will be able to remind the elderly people about it . We may also want to add a Acupuncture feature which is an age-old healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine as it will assists them in the treatment of emotional and mental problems.

Built With

  • figma
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