What it does

Say goodbye to boring videos, and hello to a fun, immersive learning experience! CaregiVR guides prospective caretakers through caring for patients of various needs, ranging from the elderly to those with disabilities. Our learn-by-doing model ensures that you won't forget your procedures, and practice in a conducive yet fun setting.

How we built it

  • Unity for game environment
  • C# for scripting
  • Oculus Quest for VR headset
  • Microsoft Azure API for speech-to-text

Challenges we ran into

Version controlling for this project was very difficult, as we spent 7 hours troublshooting and debugging our compilers. On multiple occasions, we had to revert to earlier versions, lose progress, and then rebuild models we had rendered earlier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We stuck to our timeline, generating all the in-game assets on Friday, iterating on models and integrating APIs on Saturday. We ran into a couple of obstacles (i.e. corrupted files, reverted versions, files exceeding maximum capacity) but because we gave ourselves chronological padding for error, we were able to complete our project in a timely manner with a polished demo.

What we learned

Unity Collaborate has a lot of faulty issues with version controlling, yet Github isn't the most effective way to update gaming engines and environments. Nadya is interning at Unity this summer, please fix that for us LOL.

What's next for caregiVR

At TreeHacks, we had many opportunities to chat with venture capital firms who had been early investors in apps like Snowflake, Robinhood, etc. We'd love to grow our project and possibly enroll our application in a combinator series!

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