• skewed ratio of caregivers to elderly population
  • 50% work goes for documentation
  • lack of efficiency and quality in elderly care
  • mishandling of difficult emergency procedures
  • patient feedback is often compromised
  • repeatable work schedule

What it does

  • automate documentation
  • one click solution for repeatable tasks
  • analyse health status in real-time
  • one snap solution powered with AI for the patients feedback system using emotions detection
  • analytics of every aspect of the management and quality care processes

How our solution is better?


  • Wristband technologies for health analysis
  • Pretty low documentation digitization
  • No powerful feedback system
  • No data analytics
  • Expensive and time-consuming installation process


  • Wireless technologies for health analysis
  • Fully equipped with documentation digitization
  • AI powered feedback system
  • Powerful data analytics
  • Instant installation process

Our Future

  • Controlling app by messaging based chatbots
  • Speech analysis for better feedback analytics
  • Research on privacy & security (ultimate priority)


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Our Team

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