Healthy ageing is a challenge we all face. For our loved ones, and eventually ourselves. We are living longer, but is this translating to quality of life?

The team at Careflex bring their professional backgrounds in medicine, home care provision, technology and as personal carers to improving the current unmet needs of older people wanting to live well in their own home.

There are 3.7 million Australians over the age of 65, and over half of these have some form of disability. We are addressing a sector made up of over 700 service providers, delivering both private services and government funding packaging under My Aged Care. Approximately 150,000 Australians receive funded packages, and more than 120,000 Australians are in the queue lasting up to 12 months. Therefore there is significant opportunity for the private providers to alleviate the burden on those waiting.

We provide an efficient and transparent web based system between person-carer dyads, service providers and health professionals. Better systems mean personalised care and less administration, giving more time to care and do what we’re passionate about. Our integrated platform is person centred. It is a service that will be utilised by service providers, to interact with person-carer dyads. It will provide easy access to bookings, service records, invoicing and communication. A stand-out benefit is a personalised record that encompasses not just the physical aspects of health. It includes details on their functional abilities, home environment, preferences and family. Existing systems lack access to these personalised records and care summaries, which would benefit health professionals in making holistic personalised plans.

Careflex is to enrich the lives of older Australians, enabling them to stay at home longer and live to their fullest potential as they adjust to ageing. Careflex is here to care for the carers, decreasing the burden and giving peace of mind. Passionate care providers will have more time to care.

Careflex is made to enrich the lives of older persons at home, and to support the carers around them.

What we've created

  • Developed a model and prototype, including a persona journey and industry input
  • Workflow for the user and service provider
  • Templates for a personal profile, care needs and ADL Daily care log , with email and PDF format availability
  • Model for an invoicing system
  • Interaction interface
  • Business model
  • Communication flow chart between support provider, health professionals and the patient-carer dyad

Challenges we encountered

  • Articulating the difference between the customer of the product and users of the product
  • Non industry users being underwhelmed by the value this adds, due to lack of exposure to the system's limitations
  • Preconceived ideas of existing programs and freely available information of all parties

Pitch Deck

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Contact us

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Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Industry knowledge of the current unmet needs for all stakeholders
  • Realistic understanding of acceptance and usage

What we learned

We have learnt from collaborative knowledge and experiences our team members bring.

What's next for Careflex

  • Access our Landing page for expressions of interest: Contact us at
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement
  • Interviews with stakeholders to improve concept
  • Financial modelling against provider profiles
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