Diversity in the workplace will lead to creativity. People with different backgrounds tend to have different experiences and thus different perspectives. But often, there is an employer's bias which unknowingly prefers candidates from a particular category over another (for ex: males over females).

What it does

With CareerUp we tend to reduce this bias by masking out diversity parameters from recruiters' view. It is similar to a hiring portal where applicants can upload their profile and recruiters can get a list of potential candidates based on the Job Description uploaded.

How I built it

We build POST APIs for resume and JD parsing. Resume parser API generates insights from the PDF/doc format of a resume. JD parser API, will pick up the key qualifications from the JD and search for potential candidates.

Challenges I ran into

Building a Resume parser involves a lot of research and implementation of various NLP techniques. Due to the unavailability of open-source projects in this area, we built this from scratch.

What I learned

Various NLP techniques, building APIs, and collaborating with a team!!

What's next for CareerUp

We were able to achieve a lot within a limited time of the hackathon. We would like to take this forward by improving our ML models and design of webpage.

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