Bridging the gap between Academia & Industry by improving knowledge base and experience of fresh graduates.


-> Collaboration Collaboration with companies to provide projects to Final Year students.

-> Industry Ready Finish university and you are industry ready

-> Low cost Resource Low cost resource for companies for an year or two which turns into full time employment

------ Android App usage for CareerStart The Android App for CareerStart

------ Presentation Slides:

------- How to use App:

  • App for Students

    1- Login with username as "student" and password as "123456"

    2- Explore the All Project List Screen

    3- Explore the My Project Screen

  • App for Companies

    1- Login with username as "company" and password as "123456"

    2- The landing screen contains three tabs

    3- Current Tab contaions the list of Current Running Project of this Company

    4- Past Tab contains the list of previously completed projects of this company

    5- Others Tab contains the list of cacneled or other type of projects of this company

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