Children from low income families are often unaware of career opportunities that are available to them. Such unawareness could be the difference that causes these children and their children to remain in poverty. If a child sees their parents or family members working in low income jobs then their vision of their own careers could be limited to these low income positions. Our idea is to expose these children to various career paths with everyday items that are familiar to them. These children may have seen these items before, but through the hololens and our program they will have the chance to see these items in a new light with endless possibility for their future.

What it does

The user (a child) can tap on objects using the Hololens e.g - a slice of cake, a kitten, a guitar, firehose etc. and people in those professions will appear. These professionals will briefly explain what they do, what they love about their job, and how they got to where they are.

How we built it

We installed Visual Studio, HoloLens Emulator and Unity3D on our Surface Book. We checked the Assets Store for characters and humanoids; and prepared audio recordings for the same. We then programmed Hololens in C# and developed gesture recognition techniques to make humanoids appear; and then we used voice recognition API to hide characters.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first exposure with HoloLens and Unity and figuring out implements such as gesture, tap, spatial sound etc provided a good sized learning curve. Also, HoloLens has certain hardware requirements and the Emulator could run on only one of our systems. We ran into multiple software complications throughout the night from setting up our environment to figuring out how to implement our project while trying to stay positive and believe in ourselves and our collective ability.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all got to learn new skills that are associated with latest technologies. Moreover, we were able to implement these skills

What we learned

We learned about the Unity Platform, the Hololens emulator and majority of us used Visual Studio for the first time. We also learned about the importance of sticking together as a team despite out cultural differences and approaching a problem as a cohesive group. Communication was also a key component to the overall experience.

What's next for CareerLens

We plan to partner with organizations like Disney, Microsoft and Khan Academy to launch educational programs for all the kids in United States and beyond. This would help them make an informed choice on potential career opportunities; hence making this world a better place.

Prizes we are targeting

We are targeting prizes offered by Microsoft and Disney.

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