Being a successful person is not easy, especially when you are a beginner in a new field such as Graphic design, Programming, Hospitality, etc... Every day in our country, we witness a lot of people that are struggling with their career orientation, they don't know if their current job, major is suitable for them, they don't know what they can do with this major, what skill they need for this job, what training, certification, experience will they need to be successful. The consequences are they will waste their time, money; organization takes more effort to retrain them, and economic experts have a topic to talk about the reason that slowdown the country economy. Career Ladder born to improve it.

What it does

Career Ladder, a professional networking platform, allows experts to share their success stories and connects beginners with experts for valuable insights into their own occupational advancement. Via Career Ladder, beginners can get the big picture of their desired career path, including necessary skills, helpful job positions and wise advice for success. Experts can provide much-needed inspiration, encouraging new talents and giving back to the community. In addition, individuals can promote themselves for employment, thus a quality recruitment source for interested companies. Aiming to create a global professional network in various fields, the app can add great values to individuals’ careers and the economy as a whole.

How we built it

  • We approached Hanoi developer circle to get the most updated information about the contest.
  • We started with a mockup, then transferred into a sketch design.
  • After that, our back-end team together with BA and front-end team to designed a database based on the design and the initial idea. We decided to use Ruby-on-Rails and GraphQL for our back-end system. We saw a lot of benefits of using GraphQL because it will reduce development effort for both back-end and front-end.
  • Together with back-end guys, front-end guys coded UI using React-native. Front-end team spent around 1 week to completed UI mock then integrated with API, this time we could clearly see the advantages of GraphQL. From the client, we were able to define the data structure and got what we want without any call to back-end: 'Hey we need that, hey we need this, ...'. It was amazing! Sadly, due to a short amount of time, there are some features that are incomplete.
  • Our logo designer and video team caught the idea quickly. They cooperated together to designed the Career Ladder logo and produced video in a very efficient way.

Challenges we ran into

  • This is the first time we integrated Ruby-on-Rails with GraphQL, that's why it took time to research and implement.
  • Team management is hard. Our team is up to 9 people with different skills, characters, ages and time. We must balance well to ensure that everything goes right.
  • Time, time, and time. We wish that we had much more time to make our product better and implement more potential features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From a primitive idea, within a short amount of time, we could turn it into a small product that has a potential that we hope it can change the world.

What we learned

  • For us, always about people first. We know how to manage time more efficient, how to generate an idea, how to respect each other, how to make other happier.
  • Second is about technology, there were a lot of 'Yeah!' moment time when we discovered a new thing. We strengthened our mind and learnt that never be afraid to fail.

What's next for career ladder

  • Our app need investment, a lot. We will continue develop our app and call for invesment. We know that there are many people outside need help, and many experts want to raise their voice.

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