The application we have created is a solution to help student empowerment and research community. When a student finishes a course, their biggest question is WHAT'S NEXT?!!! Normally they approach a career counsellor and get advice which is almost just a business where you actually don't get the required information. Or they go to online career counselling sites for guidance where you are asked to fill a huge form and which are biased as well. We choose to create an unbiased easy to use chat application where you can chat with our bot to get the required details.

Our experience in going through a lot of tedious process was our inspiration to create such an app.

We have made use of the IBM Watson api for the cognitive solution and Android as a platform for our application.

These chatbot can be linked with facebook and slack thereby it allows the student community to share it among each other which would help to promote the app as well as be available to every individual online without having to download the app.

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