During the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, people all around the world have lost their jobs and are struggling to find opportunities that can help them pursue their passion. This outbreak has left many people around the world unsure of what the future has in the job industry and CareerChoice makes this process very simple. To solve this widespread issue I decided to create an application that can assist you to find your dream job and show you how compatible you are for certain jobs.

What it does

CareerChoice is a platform that has an advanced job search, compatibility checks, and recommended jobs as per the user's input. Any user that utilizes this application will become more aware of trending jobs and current shortages in work. The job search will give everyone the ability to find jobs to their interest and give them comfort that they getting the best jobs out there. The compatibility checks will give everyone a percentage of how compatible they are with certain jobs.

How I built it

The application is built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript with the implementation of animations and computations in javascript. I used jquery strings to safely store the score values and display them on the final page. The functionality of the app was coded in javascript through the implementation of the Adzuna API.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges that I faced while developing were the creation of continuous HTML blocks in the javascript, it was difficult to multiple the blocks depending on the map function. Also, the implementation async-await function and the fetch API was difficult to get the certain contents of the data.

What I learned

During the designing and development of CareerChoiceI learning how to use fetch API and create an app that can get real-time data. I also learned how to implement an API. Overall, this project allowed me to strengthen our skills in using a variety of programming languages and integrating them together for a great application.

What's next for CareerChoice

The future of CareerChoice is to add many additional features such as a login/signup page using firebase, recommended jobs, and resume/cv tips. I also plan to make CareerChoice a full-stack application with student resources such as budgeting and a live chat feature.

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