The Problem

With over 3000 jobs uploaded each term, WaterlooWorks is used by thousands of students each year. WaterlooWorks, the University of Waterloo's proprietary job board, is infamous for its limited user interface. Its too-wide columns and resistance to customization has sparked the creation of several browser extensions and apps. While these existing programs create a more accessible user interface, we wanted to simplify the job search process even further.

Our Solution

We designed a mobile web application which collect job data from employers and displays only the essential information to job seekers. We created to user portals, one for employers, and one for job seekers. Employers can input data into multiple fields. This data is stored in a server, until it is retrieved in response to a user request. Job seekers can look at job postings, with information condensed onto one screen width and height, and swipe to indicate their preference of: Shortlist, Reject, or Pass. This swipe mechanism is responsive on mobile and desktop computers and responds differently for the main job list and the shortlist.

Our tech

We used AWS to host a mySQL databse which contains our job data. Using node.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and git bash, we query the database and provide information to the user. Check out our code:

Our challenges

Learning to use mySQL, JavaScript, and Node in order to accomplish our goal was challenging. We encountered everything from mundane syntax errors to connection and retrieval errors. However, debugging our code, working with mentors, and learning from the international programming community allowed us to overcome our challenges to create a product that we are proud of.

Our accomplishments

We learned to trust our team, reach out to experts when we couldn't debug our problems ourselves, and utilize the numerous resources available for programming in the World Wide Web. We learned so many new concepts, from creating a virtual database to discovering elements of programming languages we didn't know before. This project has allowed us to grow as programmers and show us so many more avenues for future development.

Next steps

In the future, we would like to improve the user interface, incorporate API in order to work directly with data from WaterlooWorks and other job boards, and improve search functionality.

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