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My notes - from our initial talk - here is quick jot to think about in terms of mission and focus for this hackathon:

We propose to look into tools and services that help people repurpose their careers during the pandemic and beyond.

As businesses and employees need to reorganise, new and efficient methods are needed for the work force to adjust to a changing environment and needs. Effective workforce flexibility can only occur when employees can align what they want to do with what is needed in the market. Employee may need to refresh or learn new skills and identify skills or knowledge that that can be monetised.

This is a two-sided problem. Employers need to be able to find effective workers that bring value and Employees need to adjust, identify their value, and be able to communicate their interests and skills well within a very dynamic business landscape.

During the pandemic and beyond, particularly for workers finding themselves unemployed, in precarious situations, or after an extended leave of work, it’s necessary to reevaluate skills and needs to repurpose careers. It’s also essential that people living through difficult times with economic, social and family pressures include consideration of self-value and positive emotional development as part of career repurposing.

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