Ever stood in a long line at a career fair? Ever had to wait 2 hours just to find out that a company wasn't collecting resumes or just to be told to apply online? Tired of filling out the same information at every company you visit? Ever wondered what that smaller company what no line was about? With Career Plus Plus, you can visit whatever company you want, while still waiting in line for the bigger company!

What it does

With C++, users are able to skip the line at job fairs by hopping into are innovative queuing system. This removes those pesky long lines at the

How we built it

For the back-end, we used Flask Python web framework. MongoDB was used in our implementation to store all the company and student data. For the front end, we used Ionic. This framework allows our app to be able to be used in IOS, Android and desktop.

Challenges we ran into

We had never made an app before so learning how to integrate front end and back end was new.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud being able to quickly learn and adapt to using a new framework that we have never used.

What we learned

How to integrate front end and back end because we always do only back end in order to make an app.

What's next for Career Plus Plus

We would upload resumes, QR codes, University page, improve company page.

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