Goodwill is challenged with disparate systems across 161 offices across North America. By standardizing on a platform that enables members to stay engaged and making recommendations for enablement to encourage those members to stay active with Goodwill counselors these individuals will continue their progression to a better more stable life.

What it does

The Goodwill Career Path Platform proactively encourages members to stay active with counselors for continual and proactive career growth

How I built it

We started with the end user experience because engagement was the most critical aspect of their challenges.

Challenges I ran into

Time was the most difficult challenge and not having sample data was also a huge challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Teamwork; divide and conquering was crucial for our time limit

What I learned

Communicate often and demo prototypes every few hours

What's next for Career Pathing Platform

Machine learning for recommending learning content.

Built With

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