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As a College student, we had a great confusion in choosing what to do after college, whether to go for a job or to pursue Higher education. So, our idea is that we bring up a Portal exclusively for students who can seek help from us and turn their career into a brighter path. Bringing up the idea, our team found a solution for it, decided to solve this issue with the help of PEGA. We named our product as CAREER PATH with a Tagline “We bring your dreams Closer”. The idea was pitched among us and we laid down the best innovative feature that can be used in PEGA and provide an Optimal Solution to the Students. As a beginner in PEGA we have come across a good journey and with the help of it we have a provided a best solution for the students Problem. CAREER PATH becomes the first Portal designed for STUDENTS by STUDENTS.


Education seekers get a personalized experience at our site, based on their educational background and career interest, enabling them to make well informed course and college decisions. The decision making is empowered with easy access to detailed information on career choices, courses, exams, colleges, admission criteria, eligibility, fees, placement statistics, rankings, reviews, scholarships, latest updates etc. as well as by interacting with other users, experts, current students in colleges and alumni groups. We have introduced several student-oriented products and tools like Career Central, Common Application Form, Top Colleges, College Compare, Alumni Employment Stats, Campus Connect, College Reviews, College Predictors and we will also provide a Separate Portal for the Students where it is an interactive portal where they can watch and learn useful contents provided by us. Alt text Alt text

PEGA WEB MASHUP: PEGA Web Mashup enables us to embed a PEGA application within a web page or other web applications on your intranet or internet site. We have created a PEGA Web Mashup directly in App Studio and have deployed it to our official Website and leverage the security and user interface features of the PEGA Platform.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: We have officially launched a website for this project where the students or users can visit the website and proper assistance and guidance will be provided to reach their goal with the utilities designed and deployed using PEGA. And each case has been developed using PEGA and we have used PEGA WEB MASHUP and embedded it in our website.

HIGHER EDUCATION: Higher education case type helps the student or the user to find the best university or the apt course they want to pursue. The user can view all the available courses and universities according to the stream selected. The complete details about the universities will be displayed and if the user requires further clarification, they can communicate with the real-time human assist chatbot. Furthermore if the user is satisfied with the university, they can apply to that particular university by filling the application form. The application fee will be collected from the user with the help of the integrated payment gateway. After the payment process, the user will fill and submit the form to the respective university. Finally, a confirm text message will be sent to the user stating the successful submission of the form.

SWOT ANALYSIS: We have used SURVEY feature in PEGA to get the SWOT Analysis from the Students. This can get a clear visual about the students their talents and their abilities. They have been Classified as follows

STRENGTHS: The strengths refer to the things the students do well. To identify the strengths, we consider the areas that others view the student or program as doing well. Strengths may be the curriculum, leadership, school relationships, faculty, and/or reputation. Other questions to ask are “What do you do better than anyone else?”; “What unique resources do you have access to?”; “What do your stakeholders see as your strengths?”; and “What are the indicators of success at your school?”

WEAKNESSES Weaknesses refer to the things the Students needs to improve. Weaknesses in resources or capabilities hinder the organization from achieving a desired goal or mission. Consider what people in your area are likely to see as weaknesses. By understanding your weaknesses, you can focus on specific areas you need to improve Questions to address are “What could you improve?”; “What should you avoid?”; “What are people in your area likely to see as weaknesses?”; and “What factors hurt you in recruitment?”.

OPPORTUNITIES Opportunities are trends that your Student could take advantage of. These are outside factors or situations that exist that may affect your Student in a positive way in achieving a desired goal or mission. Examining the trends is helpful in identifying opportunities.

THREATS What obstacles do you face as a Student? This is the time to look at what others are doing. What are they doing better? Threats are outside factors that current exist that affect your organization in a negative way.

LEARNING PORTAL: The Learning portal brings down us exclusive *GRE AND IELTS * Preparation videos, where the student can login and enhance their minds and make use of the given E-Learning Portal on PEGA.


As a Student, we first worked and gathered information at the perspective of a all students and we logically solved many user issues in Career choosing, there by deciding a right path. Finally we came up with a new idea, where it will be the best and more effective full-fledged Application that has been ¬¬ fully developed on PEGA. We have used PEGA v (8.5), which supports more new functionalities and we can quickly able to adapt into a new environment


We used Pega’s design-focused methodology(Pega Express) to build our application Care Boat. Pega Express includes the following phases

• Discover Phase

• Prepare Phase

• Adopt Phase

• Build Phase

Alt text

MLP sizing After capturing the three pillars-Microjourneys, Personas/channels, Data and integrations we thought of estimating and sizing our MLP so that we can plan and act accordingly for that we used the Estimator function in App studio to estimate the sizing of MLP


The most important challenge in which we faced during our project was embedding PEGA into a Website. And we have officially hosted our website, so we have Learned Full-Stack Developing here and we have implemented Real Time -Human Assist CHATBOT here, which will help the User to directly talk with the CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE and solve the Problem.


HUMAN-INTERACTIVE CHATBOT: We have provided a live chat support & messaging application that focuses on successful communication between businesses and their customers. Modern and intuitive, we have created to help you find an efficient way to bridge the communication gap between the admin and the student.

WEB-MASHUP: We have Successfully embedded all the case types into the website and it will provide the customer a brand-new experience for them to work on it. This will help either the user or the student to help across them to get use of our application.

PAYMENT GATEWAY: We have used a Payment-Gateway Service Provider, in which real time Payment works and it accepts all types of CREDIT, DEBIT, NETBANKING and UPI with Faster and safer Transaction of amount.

SURVEY: PEGA Survey is a RuleSet that helps us to create and deploy surveys in the PRPC applications. The questions and other elements we have created are modular, and can be reused in multiple surveys. The surveys displayed, work properly when viewed in all major browsers. We have conducted SWOT analysis Test using this feature


This has been an awesome learning experience for all of us. As a PEGA Beginner, it’s been a great feel for us to start our carrier with this wonderful Event. It was great to learn new concepts and implement it. We really had nice time in working PEGA 8.5 for the first time and we have developed using the APP Studio


Our Main is that we need to launch this portal officially and globally, So that all the students across the global will have a good knowledge about what to choose after college and providing learning programs to them to empower and envision them.


Since our application has been hosted anyone can access the application throughout the globe by entering into our Official website





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