Our team wanted to make career fair intuitive, as the project/problem statement was inspired from the voice of customer JB Hunt opening ceremony announcement of MLH.

What it does

The main motive of the app is to locate companies looking for students with particular skill sets for different job types in a career fair. When they click on a company name on the app they get more information about the requirements and openings within the company. Version 1.0 , It basically identifies the skill set that companies are looking for when a user clicks on the company name in app. We provide a user friendly interface where students can mark certain companies they are targeting, as favorites, in a separate tab for further reference. There is an additional feature of notification reminder about the companies available at the career fair as a heads up before the event begins.

How we built it

We built this application using android-studio. We designed a prototype of the career fair event map. In it we visualized the requirements for the end-users, students and companies. We figured that the students wanted to know about each company in brief prior to approaching them. On the other hand, companies needed to provide a concise list of job-openings and the required skills for the same. We used android studios to create an android app where this was possible.

Challenges we ran into

We initially thought of using MongoDB Atlas as back-end database system and render the data on android studio.But later got to know that some library files like 'com.mongodb.util.JSON.parse(mongoarray)' got deprecated. We had some compatibility issues between google speech and android-studio.


It is our first Hackathon. We ran into many obstacles and more over it consumed a lot of time to figure out the correct ways of implementation. Perhaps its a part of learning curve.Finally, we are able to deliver our first milestone version 1.0 of career fair locator within the given time.

What we learnt

Learned about new alternative MongoDB Stitch for deprecated 'com.mongodb.util.JSON.parse(mongoarray)', yet to learn and resolve compatibility issues between google cloud and android studio.

What's next for Career Fair Locator

Here is just the version 1.0 of app we developed, Later we would like to implement reminders for user, email alerts to user when jobs are posted in their favorites list. We will make it more real-time by monitoring the ongoing queues at each company's kiosk. So the students can plan their visit. We also plan to make it more interactive by creating chat portal between the company representatives and students based on pre-match of profile and desired skills.

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