The most recent publication provided by Statistics Canada outlines a problem with high school dropout rate. In 2010, the high school dropout rate was 8.5%. For those living outside big cities the dropout rate was much larger (15.5% to 17.9%). There is also much more young men dropping out (10.3%) than women (6.6%). Although the dropout rate has decreased steadily since the 1990s, the decrease rate has slowed in recent years. Among those that do graduate, some choose not to pursue post-secondary education prime reason being insufficient knowledge of university/college programs and preparation. Students interviewed by the Colleges of Ontario said that it would have helped if current college students visited to provide personalized information . For those who enroll in college/university, there is a high likelihood that they change their major. In the North America, 80% of students change their program at least once .

Evidently, students can greatly benefit by having a vast amount of information at their disposal during high school so that there is more certainty in what they want to pursue as a career. If students are better equipped with knowledge on career choices, they can make a more informed decision. Students make their decision based on criteria such as: future employment opportunities, personal interest, reputation of program, reputation of institution and proximity to home . Hence, this information can be provided to the student to supplement their decision making process. Choosing the right major is extremely important because it affects the student’s engagement, retention, student life, goal setting and more .

What it does

The proposed solution consists of web based application called - "Mon Cher Ami" which will help students make a well guided decision about their future. After logging in, student/user will have various options to browse through:

  1. Students can enter grades - The web app will present student different career paths, relevant to the subjects they are good in.
  2. Student can enter their skill sets and accordingly the career choices relevant for the skill sets will be presented to the user.
  3. Student can also search for "What they want to be in life", and different career paths and courses they can pursue will be presented to them.
  4. Student will have an option to talk to a mentor who are recommended by the algorithm according to the similarity of the student interests, who can be their faculty or alumni.

How we built it

We have used Java EE, mysql,open shift and for the machine learning part we have used Indico API

Challenges we ran into

Creating maven dependencies for the Indico API and making it work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Trying to map a relevant profession for students who have no proper career goal from a short essay on their skills!- Something which was never done before for this kind of purpose and will have a great social impact if deployed on a wide scale.

What we learned

Two of us are very good at Java while the other was a newbie who works primarily on data science and AI, It was a great experience to share what we know and learn what we dont know. More over, it was first hackathon for two of us.

What's next for Career-companion

Planning to add more features like the best universities, the future cost of education, return of investment and probably the risk of automation to make students aware of deciding a better career.

( Lastly updated at 8 A.M, we are deploying it on a website, by 9 A.M it will be ready on a website)

( Images were captured early in the morning and prettification is at its best as of now)

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