• A plethora of students spend enormous amounts of money on building their career. Whether it's on education, online courses, career counsellors and what not! We built this platform with a vision to help students who are at the initial stages of their careers to make a more informed decision on where their career interests lie. We were inspired by this idea because we as students have been through the hassle of connecting with several people and perusing through various websites just to get some direction with the career path that interested us.

What it does

  • Career Parenting brings young students a one-stop shop to figure out how they can go about pursuing their dream career. We help a student understand what skills are required by them to pursue a particular role, what online courses and/or certifications they could take to improve their skills.
  • One major thing that students worry about is student debt and how cost-effective their return on investments would be in various undergrad/grad schools. We bring together the trending skillsets around the globe along with the average salaries that students could expect.

How I built it

  • We built it using the MERN stack, that is MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS and ReactJS.

Challenges I ran into

  • Fetching data from multiple sources was a challenging task without doing web crawling

What I learned

*Working with new technologies within a short span of time taught us how valuable it can be working together in a team.

What's next for Career Parenting

  • We aim to add more features like helping students decide on a university they want to attend based on the role they want to pursue in the future, how quickly they can pay their student debt based on the university they decide to attend as well as the average salary they can expect for their chosen role

  • We also look forward to add machine learning algorithms to better predict the student loan repayment amount as well as duration, and how much time it would take them to accomplish their career goal.

  • We plan to integrate events happening around that would help student attend events related to their goal

  • We plan to enhance features like displaying online courses in the order of the ratings it has received from multiple sources, add profiles, add the ability to interact with each other who share the same goal

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