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The Covid-19 pandemic is straining healthcare systems around the globe. CareConsult was created to connect licensed volunteer health professionals with patients at home to reduce the burden on hospitals and clinics.

What it does

People in need can see the available hours of a network of vetted volunteer health professional and conveniently book a consultation appointment through CareConsult's scheduling calendar

Learnings & Challenges

  • We started with no wireframes but a simple idea, which stripped to its essentials showed it was possible to add value through a simple calendar solution.
  • With very little help and not a lot of time we were able to put something together with the help of the amazing open source community that developed a number of tools, snippets of code and libraries we used in our application
    • It was a very intense learning experience having to go through new technologies and learn enough to make a viable proof of concept
    • A key aspect of the app is to have a vetted network of healthcare professionals. Getting access to available APIs that provide authentication will be a convenient way for providers to self-authenticate against a 3rd party licensing body. Barring that we will come up with way to verify providers case by case as they register in our system.

What's next

For the hackathon we started with the ambitious goal of developing a calendar-based scheduling app with video conferencing that would allow anyone to connect with a volunteer healthcare professional. During the hackathon we spent time developing the basic scheduling functionality. The next phases will include: finalizing scheduling with ability for healthcare volunteers to embed 3rd party meeting information (Zoom etc) in their meeting details, sending appointment confirmations, ability to cancel meetings. The final phase will include adding healthcare worker self-authentication, and video conferencing within the app.

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