Observing the way hospitals and medical institutes are vulnerable during a pandemic or crisis made us think, it would be really easy if we could provide a service that would help hospitals check each other resources and help each other save lives thus we developed CareConnect.

What it does

CareConnect is a platform that allows hospitals to share and access medical resources during a pandemic or severe accident. By registering on the platform, hospitals can input the extra resources they have available, and this information is then shared with other hospitals in the area. The platform also provides contact details for hospitals, allowing them to easily reach out and access the resources they need to save lives. CareConnect aims to connect medical institutions and improve care during crisis situations.

How we built it

We build it using flutter as frontend and firebase as backend.

Challenges we ran into

we weren't able to read and write data to firestore database, and faced issues using GitHub simultaneously

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we're proud of completing this project in 48 hours and learning a lot of things that otherwise wouldn't have been done

What we learned

We learned to read and write data to firestore database use GitHub through the terminal alternatives of creating a separate screens for login and signup

What's next for CareConnect

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