The mental healthcare system lacks accessibility, that is, financial barriers, lack of awareness, social stigma, racial prejudice, etc. These barriers amplify the mental health problems causing deprivation, poverty, inequality, and other social and economic determinants of health. Economic crises are, therefore, times of high risk to the mental well-being of the population and the people affected and their families, especially in the current time of COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown effects.

The accessibility gap can only be reduced by early mental health screening. At the same time, it is also crucial to make the early screening acceptable beyond financial and social barriers. Our solution is to provide accessible and engaging early mental health screening with an incentive-based gamification experience. Compared to the traditional clinic/lab self-assessment test filling experience, our product offers a more natural and pleasant test model solution for people and helps them provide more accurate and honest answers. As a result, mental health problems can be detected quicker and more efficiently. After the test with a card game, relevant and easy to understand information about the test and a set of customized follow-up resources, ranging from articles to courses or appointments with specialists are provided.

Incentive-based gamification is the crucial element of CareCards. The game consists of a deck of cards where each card has a personalized graphical translation of the psychological test question for a sensitive resonation with the user's current state of mind. The visual aid also helps users with learning disabilities. The user needs to select each card and drag it to the game board, representing the set of possible answers. The game is over when all the cards are played. Then the user gets the results of the test based on selected options in an easy and sympathetic language for better understanding. We also provide follow up services such as finding the nearest therapist or more information on the related psychological condition and next steps.

Each step is a goal on the CareCards web-application and each goal completion is rewarded depending on the age, test, condition, and results. We created a blockchain-based "score" currency. Every user who plays the game will have a score (Care Points). Every user action (filling test, reading results, consulting follow-ups) will be rewarded with Care points. These Care Points can be exchanged with different customized rewards. Rewards can be provided directly by CareCards or also by any potential partner, like schools, social institutions, research institutions, insurance, and hospitals or other psychological platforms.

The benefits of incentive-based gamification solution:

  1. A consistent gaming experience.
  2. The reward will encourage users to take the test and understand their results and follow the suggested steps to get the help they need.
  3. Reward acts as a catalyst for acceptance, therefore, reforming mental health stigma.
  4. The partner institutions can manifest a reward system with positivity, so their clients are actively participating in maintaining their mental health.
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