The daycare industry is notorious for being unreliable and underfunded. Horror stories of children being neglected or left in unsafe environments are common. In response, parents have been pressuring daycares to install monitoring cameras so that they can check in on their child - and their caregiver - throughout the day.

The problem, however, is that monitoring systems are expensive and often require expertise to set up. So, I created Carecam.

Carecam is a simple, affordable, subscription-based software service that turns the webcam(s) of your home computer into a secure monitoring system for your home daycare. All you need to do is sign up, turn on your webcam, and give parents access - that's it.

Carecam is a business idea I've had for some time now, and I am happy to have started it at Hack the North. There appears to be a large, unfilled market for cost-effective daycare monitoring solutions, and I hope to fill that need with Carecam.

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