Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has necessitated stringent visitation restrictions, thereby increasing the isolation of hospitalized patients. Video conferencing has provided partial compensation - but this solution does not leverage the full capabilities of modern technology.

What it does

The goal of this project is to develop a digital assistance platform that provides additional functionality to video conferencing. The objective is to empower patients to stay more connected with their family and friends, as well as improve communication with their health care team. Features of this digital assistant include:

  • Communication interface for friends / families to leave messages and videos that can be played at any time
  • Communication interface for patient / healthcare proxies to leave messages and/or questions for the healthcare providers
  • Updates related to discharge planning
  • Schedule of anticipated procedures, video chat calls, etc.

What's next for Carebuddy

Ongoing prototype development


Business canvas

Team members

Design: Jessica Arozqueta Martin Kyalwazi Mallory Shingle

Technical: Stephanie Jue Lakshmi Radhakrishnan

Clinical: Seth Blumberg Alissa Brandt Nataliya Budanova Deborah Ha Molly Murphy

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