The main idea is to develop personal career organizer based on the software and logistical know-how. Careal aims to simplify the job-search processes and to control the data within the job-search.

Careal is a mediator between you and the world of open career opportunities. Our software combines a task manager and your personal career advisor. It allows you to track, control and analyse your job search processes as well as integrate with the main tools (calendar, e-mail, job-search platforms, social networks, etc.)

The idea was born when one of our team members faced the struggle of a career change. The understanding of the job-search challenge made us gather and find the solution. We made the research and found out that half of our respondents are tracking the job-search process but the most part of them are using only an Excel spreadsheet for this. We would like to offer something more valuable to our customers.

Our services:

  • Task manager with automated tracking system.
  • Integrated organizer with your calendar and e-mail.
  • Analytics on applications
  • Personal career advises based on your analytics
  • Personal settings of the job-search

What you do with Careal:

You simply click the link of the opening on the job-scanner and we fill in your task manager for you. Add the deadline of the application and we remind you about that. Change the status bar and get high quality tips on your current openings. Check the statistics and get advice on your current situation. Stay on track, stay focused and get the right job with minimal efforts.

There are at least 279000 unemployed people only in Finland. But our market is even bigger. Our customers are those who care about their future career and want to make the right choices.

Our main business model is based on the standard "freemium" subscription method with a premium just 59,99 eur/year.

We would like to offer a simplifying solutions for those who are struggling with the job-search. We want to give each person who cares about his/her career to manage, control and easily apply all the data used for the job search.

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