Our team was moved by the struggles that many families face when searching for a trustworthy caregiver for their elderly loved ones. It's a daunting task that requires a significant amount of time and effort. One of our team members lost a loved one due to the lack of quality caregivers available. This experience inspired us to create Care2U, a platform that simplifies and streamlines the caregiver search process, ensuring that others don't have to go through the same hardships.

Additionally, as one of our team members is pre-med, we want to provide more opportunities for young adults to gain experience in the workforce. Our software will be a great way for young adults to build their resumes in a competitive industry and make an impact in our society.

What it does

Care2U is a user-friendly website that connects care receivers with the best caregivers for their unique needs. Caregivers and care receivers can sign up and enter their information into our database. The platform then matches care receivers with suitable caregivers based on their selections and requirements. Care receivers have the option to hire their chosen caregiver on an hourly rate basis. The website's fluidity allows care receivers to sign up independently or have a loved one sign up on their behalf.

How we built it

For the front end, we first prototyped the model on Figma in order to get an idea of the flow of the website and the information that we needed from the user. Then we used Squarespace to design the website.

For the backend of our website, we started by creating two classes - CareReceiver and CareGiver and attributes such as name, age, gender, address, phone number, and email. To enable user registration on our website, we then created two functions that allowed users to input their information and create an instance of each class.

Next, we created two additional functions that specifically asked CareReceivers about their required services and CareGivers about their relevant experience. With all the necessary information gathered, our fully functioning program was designed to gather a database of all the caregivers' instances and experiences into a dictionary, and the care receiver’s needs into a list.

Finally, to facilitate the pairing of CareReceivers with the most suitable CareGivers, we implemented a matching algorithm that utilizes priority queues to match care receivers to our database of caregivers.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered several challenges, including determining the best method to search through the database quickly and integrating the program code with the website. Initially, we considered using Linked Lists and other data structures, but eventually, we opted for a dictionary since it was the most efficient method to complete the task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

On the front end, we're proud of our ability to transform an idea into a professional-looking website, using Figma and Squarespace. On the back end, we are proud we were able to make a matching algorithm and many different input functions. This project was a learning experience for three of us who had not worked in this field before, as only one of us had prior knowledge of programming. Although we didn't know exactly what to expect when we started, we knew that we wanted to create something that would make a difference, and we achieved that.

What we learned

Throughout the process of designing and building our website, we learned a lot about the creative process of design, as well as the technical aspects of web development. We gained valuable experience in creating a fluid and user-friendly website using Squarespace, as well as implementing the necessary backend functionality using Python.

We also learned the importance of effective communication and collaboration within a team, especially when working on a project with multiple components. We were able to leverage each other's strengths and work together to overcome the various challenges that arose during the development process.

Overall, we gained a deeper understanding of the processes involved in designing and building a website, as well as the importance of attention to detail, problem-solving, and teamwork in achieving a successful outcome.

What's next for Care2U

Moving forward, there are several key areas that we plan to focus on in order to further develop Care2U and expand its capabilities. Firstly, we will need to complete the implementation of the backend programming into the website, which involves connecting the front end and back end of the site to ensure that user data can be properly collected and processed.

Secondly, we plan to automate the process of inputting user data into a centralized database, which will allow us to more easily manage and analyze the large amounts of data that will be generated by the site. This will involve developing more sophisticated data processing and storage functions, as well as ensuring that all user data is kept secure and confidential.

Finally, we plan to work on expanding the range of our matching algorithm to allow for more complex and detailed matching of caregivers with care receivers. This will involve developing more sophisticated algorithms and decision-making processes, as well as leveraging the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to create more accurate and effective matching tools.

We want to continue building it to impact the lives of many!

Password for the website ( is calpoly22

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