we are a student in computer science including a member in master artificial intelligence and decision support system, and we are all really interested in healthcare, in order to save lives in the future!

What it does

Care! T is a simple and feasible idea, devised a mobile application that gives you a minimalist diagnosis of your case instantly after a finite number of questions, you only need to select the pain zone, then the Care! T application will ask you a series of questions in order to obtain an accuracy of more than 80% to show you a little diagnosis and to free you from your anxiety due to pain, or to indicate an urgent case that must be treated immediately. you have just to answer YES or NO with swiping. After reading your diagnosis, Care! T offers to make an appointment with the nearest doctor and the most appropriate to the specialty of your case. more than that Care! T offers you a first aid guide in the homepage that allows you to help the dailies and save lives!

How we built it

our system is based on an expert system with case-by-case chaining using the "pyknow" librerie, this system will allow us to reinforce our Machine learning thanks to the nobre of the users, and to make the precision better and more pointed!

Challenges we ran into

facebook #opentrends #ithinkupc

Accomplishments that we're proud of

our idea, and our vision of the future of this big idea !

What we learned

some python stuf, and a lot of team spirit

What's next for Care-!T

The future of care! CE would be to perform the application and to be able to realize a box "Care! T Home" your doctor at home, who will be marketing with the app will allow to introduce your arterial tension and tot of glycemia and so make your diagnosis safer and will be registered and contacted directly with your family doctor!

Built With

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