We wanted to help eliminate fraud and fees associated with donating to charities. With Care Package your donations are always transparent and handled in a trustless manner.

What it does

Care Package allow individuals to donate very small amounts of Nano ($.5-$1) without incurring any fees. Neo then allows all the transactions to be tracked from initial donation to delivery with confirmation by tracking number. Neo stores all the data in a innumerable fashion and provides trusted verification of donation addresses through a digital identity. This two things combine allow much greater transparency compared to centralized crowd funding.

How I built it

Care Package works as follows:

  1. A community or organization in need can request any item from Amazon.
  2. The item's details (price, picture title and link) are automatically added to their post for anyone to view.
  3. Users then can donate any amount they choose to help fund the item.
  4. Once funding goal is reached, item is purchased automatically and shipped out!

Challenges I ran into

Neo lacks thorough documentation so it took a lot of exploring on our own. Overall the time constraint of 24 hours made it a pretty fun challenge!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a working front end, working backend, smart contract and a data flow from user to backend that is completely transparent at each step. We were able to finish and test the Neo smart contract and make RPC calls to it.

What I learned

Thinking in terms of bytes and raw inputs is really helpful when working with Neo. Combining it with other cryptocurrencies also added a fun layer of challenge.

What's next for Care Package

Next we can finish the automated flow of data to the smart contract and import the stability. Also, adding additional cryptocurrency and packing the smart contract for use separately.

It can also be noted that the idea is implemented in the smart contract and Neo can be applied much more broadly. With the use of verified address, time outs and storage of innumerable data trustless crowdfunding becomes a real possibility.

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