Inspiration:- The ongoing conditions around the world due to Covid 19 have put people in a big dilemma . The rate of increase in the number of cases of corona on a daily basis is very high.Due to this, a large number of people are really afraid and worried and are ready to believe any rumor about the COVID-19.In this situation we thought of coming up with an idea that would help in reducing these rumors by providing them with the correct information as well as provide a way of entertainment for the people.

What it does:-We have come with our website named Care N Share having the following features:

Our Website will serve as a platform for covid 19 infected patients to get to know about experiences and details of treatment of Covid 19 from the recovered patients All the information regarding entire day schedule,diet plans,medicines,exercises and all other activities performed during their treatment period by many recovered patients will be present in the form of video interviews as well as in textual format
All the useful yoga asanas and exercises which are useful for prevention as well as to cure corona will be present at one single at our website Suggestions about most recommended doctors by the patients For the sake of mental pleasure,a section for some interesting games and other related activities is also present

How we built it:-We have created the front end part of the website, for now, just to give an insight into our idea with the utilization of HTML5 and CSS3.

Challenges we ran into: While working on the project, the major challenge that we faced was to make Care N' Share site suitable for different screen sizes. One of the other important factors that we majorly considered while developing the site was that we aimed to make the site more attractive and easy for users so that they will find it easy to share resources which are useful for them on the site. For that purpose, we had to come up with a lot of creative ideas during the entire process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:-We have put best efforts from our side to come with an idea to bring a helping hand to tackle this pandemic. We have learned some more technical parts related to the front end and we like to appreciate Sigma Hacks 2.0 for giving us the opportunity to compete with the participants all around the world and for providing the guidance of the most amazing mentors.

What we learned:- We have learnt a lot on problem solving and team working. Also to fight the pandemic, it was really interesting to find and work on solutions that could help everyone to come up everyday with good physical and mental health. Also while working on this project we got to know a lot about he experiences of the COVID-19 survivors.

What's next for Care-N-Share:-We will add features of chat for our users for their interaction with one another.

The site will be made more personalized for our users to make the access of resources on the site more easier

A feature of direct and quick chat with doctors will be proposed on Care N Share in the upcoming times.

With the help of this feature, an individual will not need to go to a doctor in case of the mere symptoms. In the exercise section,yoga training sessions can be made personalised for the users of our website.These personalised sessions will be paid for the users

The login/sign up feature will help the people in keeping the record of how they performed in different activities and also will enable them to compete against each other.

Games and quizzes organised on Care N Share will be conducted by certain organisations which will charge the least amount from the users as participation amount

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