Positive connectivity and automation.

What it does

We saw a link missing between patients at a hospital and their worried relatives that cannot be as much as they would like with them due to work and other necessities. With CARE a webcam keeps track of patients and is offset by triggers. That's right, the video doesn't get streamed to relatives at home, but rather they are able to get text+icon snippets through the day that tells them how Grandpa is doing at the hospital: drinking, sleeping, eating and smiling. That way the family can go about their day knowing that Grandpa is okay, and in the afternoon they can finally see each other in physically if they like. But we went further than that and set up a two way communication using Cisco's Spark, so that all of the family can send a message to Grandpa as well, send him love and comment on his feed.

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How we built it

We used Cisco's Spark to connect the users together and built our application around their APIs. We used Logitech's wonderful 4K webcams to get a high pixel count and be able to measure gestures and face details with it. With high quality webcam, we also implemented video conference call function using the Spark API provided by Cisco. We loved the AXA challenge of making the world a better place in any way possible. That inspired us a lot.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating different components like Cisco Spark API and openCV was the most challenging process. However we learned the most from this experience of trying to figure out which components can be tweaked to fit into our solution space.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working demo and we made a clean and simple implementation. It works fantastic. Moreover, we offer to solve real problems we may experience in our lives with the technological skills in the limited amount of time.

What we learned

That if you put a few brains to work close together on a project, you will be surprised as to what comes out despite the very limited time window.

What's next for CARE

We want to hear what the sponsors of the Hackathon think: Cisco, Logitech and AXA. We were able to build a solution around basic human need for care.

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