Comfort Apparel, Respectful and Efficient

Inspiration: The Patient Experience: the majority of us can attest to being a patient at some point in our lives, where we had the misfortune of donning an old Johnny, or a Hospital Gown Gasp. It's bad enough that you are being scrutinized for physical deformities on your body, but it's even worse when you can't maintain a semblance of dignity during this uncomfortable and vulnerable moment. Hence, we came up with the idea to redesign old Johnny, and transform him into an efficient Gina.

What it does: The Gina Gown aims to promote convenience and efficiency. In our new design, you will see that we have placed snap-in buttons in specific areas for the comfort and ease of the patient. One of our main features for the gown is the drawstring located around the hip area which allows patients and providers to easily adjust the height of the gown, making for easier toileting for the patient as well. This drawstring also allows for less ruffles, a wide hem, and flexibility. As a result, this is convenient for geriatric cases as well; hence, accommodating for all types of populations.

How we built it: Utilizing Microsoft Office 365 Word technology.

Challenges we ran into: Finding the most reputable source materials for a gown that is comfortable and cost-effective.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud of our ability to work with the limited resources and experiences that we had during such a short time period; especially since none of our team members have a coding, digital designing, or BME background. We really taught ourselves a lot in 36 hours, and that will be our biggest win this weekend. :D

What we learned: One thing that we learned from MedHacks is that when people of diverse backgrounds come together, we can come up with innovative solutions that don't require a computer science or BME background; this lesson really empowered us and helped us push throughout the weekend and persevere with our idea, despite our limited background in the topics that everyone seemed to be making solutions with.

What's next for Gina Gown: Our basic marketing strategy for the time being would be to target manufacturers and hospitals with a specific goal to partner with big manufacturers to mass produce our gown design (for hospitals to purchase and adopt). In the long run, we hope to expand our target market to include and advertise more to private practices and clients with specific customization needs for a gown.

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