After working in a nursing home and hospice setting I noticed a few things. First of all the patients weren't receiving the proper care due and attention due to under staffing. The patients just want to someone to talk to/someone to listen to them. Also as many people know, falls cause lasting damage when help doesn't arise in a timely manner.

What it does

Mochi are jibo robots that are there for the patients in nursing homes and other long-term care units. Jibo is there for emotional support by telling short stories and jokes when the patient is sad, shares photos of the patient's family as well as emails, alerts nurses of falls/emergencies, and also alerts the nurses what the patients need/request such as a shower, water, or food.

How I built it

We built it with jibo SDK to program robot with animations, sounds, and movements. Node to make API and dash board to show the alert statuses. We also used SparkPost to set up the email process with Jibo.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a few problems with Jibo SDK and the Jibo robot itself due to a few bugs in the program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that we were able to create a robot that can be of use to people that need them most, the elderly. Patients in nursing homes suffer from depression and separation anxiety and having this little bot friend can make the rest of their lives a lot brighter and even extend their lifespans.

What I learned

I learned that working with a prototype robot is hard when the set up is different and everything is new.

What's next for Mochi

Mochi will hopefully be seen in nursing homes around the world, helping patients get the attention they need, interact with patients, and make the patients as happy as they can be with their robot friend.

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