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One year ago, nobody knows about covid-19 but now this virus has spread to almost every country, infecting at least 3,062515 people and death approx. 211449 people with badly impact on economies of the most countries and also broken their health -care systems. At this time covid-19 disease is almost spreading all over the world and society. Majorly Pharmacy services act as a pillar in this pandemic situation for public health. Now a day’s e-pharmacy is being adapted because medications can be ordered in a one-click and conveniently delivered to customer doorstep with some risk like misuse of drugs and self-medication especially for those drugs which come under the schedule H and X. So, we have decided to build an app in PEGA were which has not only the medicine distribution along with online vaccine booking, doctor consultation with ease care. And Care Boat holds the record that FIRST ONLINE PEGA MEDICINE DISTRIBUTION APPLICATION published in GOOGLE PLAY STORE.


The Platform is used by a customer to order and book the medicines within the doorstep with the help of the prescription from the doctor and then they can book medicine and it will be delivered within a short form time, the portal aims at customer satisfaction. We have used Sentimental Analysis in PEGA which is been recorded based on the customer reviews about our product on Social Medias. And on further based about their illness they can book a world-class doctor for an online consultation within a short span of time. Adding to further vaccine for the covid-19 can be also booked with the help of an automated chatbot. So, it follows government regulation rules. As per the rules, Senior citizen and Frontline workers have been provided priority for booking the vaccine. They can book vaccines at their convenient date and time.


The primitive aim of the medicine distribution is to provide a neat and without any hassle. The Patient needs to upload their medical prescription and we have used certain functionalities in PEGA so that it will verify and Validate the given prescription is true or not. And based upon the date they can order medicines within their doorstep, it has been elaboratively explained in the upcoming topics.

ONLINE DOCTOR CONSULTATION (Talk 2 Doctor): The Patient or the user can select the doctor based upon their illness with a neat and perfect UI and the doctor has been assigned to them, A consultation charge has been given to them. So that it will be an end to the end portal

VACCINE DISTRIBUTION: In this pandemic situation, after the release of covid vaccines, the patient can book their vaccines based on their convenient date and time. An AUTOMATED TRAINED CHATBOT is been deployed into our case type. So, the user can book the vaccines automatically and we have followed government rules and regulations and we gave priority to the frontline worker and the senior citizens have given the priority.

BMI CALCULATOR: BMI is a measurement of a person's leanness or corpulence based on their height and weight and is intended to quantify tissue mass. It is widely used as a general indicator of whether a person has a healthy body weight for their height. Specifically, the value obtained from the calculation of BMI is used to categorize whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese depending on what range the value falls between. These ranges of BMI vary based on factors such as region and age and are sometimes further divided into subcategories such as severely underweight or very severely obese. Being overweight or underweight can have significant health effects, so while BMI is an imperfect measure of healthy body weight, it is a useful indicator of whether any additional testing or action is required. Refer to the table below to see the different categories based on BMI that is used by the calculator, and it has been done in PEGA with the help of DECLARATIVE EXPRESSION

CALL TO ORDER: Call to Order is used by the Customer where the customer can make Direct calls to the Consultant through the PEGA Portal.

CARE BOAT PRIME Vision API for identity card verification, which can act as a second layer of authentication, Where the user can avail the Prime Membership benefit, verifies the user is authorized or not, then provides the prime feature.

Demo Link:

Sample Image for Testing :


We used Pega’s design-focused methodology(Pega Express) to build our application Care Boat. Pega Express includes the following phases

• Discover Phase

• Prepare Phase

• Adopt Phase

• Build Phase

Alt text

Discover Phase During Discover Phase, we focus on understanding our desired business outcomes, prioritizing which Microjourneys, We think the Discover phase is important because it helps us focus on our desired business outcomes. Pega Express promotes speed to value. Rather than delivering a software solution in one high-risk release, and we decided to deliver one or two micro journeys in each deployment. That iterative approach provides the best mix of business outcomes faster. It also eases our first implementation. During the Discover phase, we designed the three pillars-Microjourneys, Personas/channels, Data and integrations and we harnessed the power of Pega low-code platforms such as App Studio. We used the design thinking approach to successfully generate ideas and creatively solve problems throughout the project lifecycle. Alt text

Working Methodology:

We divided our project into time-boxed development cycles called sprints. We had 2 Sprints in our project.(1 Sprint = 2 weeks)

We decided to use scrum method to develop our project which defines specific roles, responsibilities, events, artefacts, and processes.

We maintained our backlog in the form of user stories and we designed which the flow needs to be get executed.

Everyone in the team used PEGA Cloud(8.5) provided by the PEGA team and We used Agile Workbench to capture these user stories. Everyone in the team can access and review as it is available on the Pega cloud.

Agree on Outcomes We started to design a solution with the end customer in mind, ensuring we clearly understand the outcomes, then rapidly configure a low-code application. We start with framing the opportunity; we work with you to understand your digital transformation opportunities and make recommendations. Then we decided to focus on the opportunity. If a problem is ill‑defined and/or complex, we decided to go with the best practice that is to run a Design Sprint or for smaller problem spaces, run shorter Ideation workshops to innovate solutions to the opportunity/problem during the Discover Phase.

Defining our Minimum Lovable Product

Microjourney A micro journey is a part of the overall customer journey that achieves all or a subset of the required business outcomes. The First Business outcome which we needed to do all Medical aspects in a Single application, The various micro journey which we achieved are

Creating a BMI Calculator

Creating a Vaccine Drive

Creating Medi-Care and Talk 2 doctor

Processing the Sentimental Analysis

At the very first step after the micro journey, we released an interim release in Google Playstore and tested it with a small group of users. Alt text

Project Readiness We have conducted team meeting in regular interval of time and discovered the ideas and implemented in regular interval of time.

Alt text

MLP sizing After capturing the three pillars-Microjourneys, Personas/channels, Data and integrations we thought of estimating and sizing our MLP so that we can plan and act accordingly for that we used the Estimator function in App studio to estimate the sizing of MLP

Alt text

Prepare Phase: The Project took after the design phase where we got a clear idea to design and implement the project which would we ready to the server to the end-user, Where we understood the vision of our project, desired outcomes and plan, run shorter ideation sessions to innovate new experiences for end-user. We began to understand the Microjourney from the initial MLP. We used the Directly Capture Objectives (DCO) discipline to capture outcomes and user stories directly into Pega.

During the Prepare phase, We have defined the enterprise architecture and create our Stages and Steps model for each case type, within Pega. We have used what we have learned about the solution in preparation for DCO sessions. The objective during Prepare DCO sessions is to draft our MLP1 case types, personas and draft data objects.

Designing the User Experience (UX) is also a critical activity to help achieve outcomes and adoption. The Pega Cosmos design system provides a Design System that leverages Pega out‑of‑the‑box experiences, promoting consistency and reuse. We have used that too in our application.

Design Phase: A Design Sprint is a five-day design thinking process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. Design Thinking techniques helps us to:

-Quickly frame a problem space and identify opportunities

-Ideate and innovate solution approaches

-Select the best approach to pursue

-Prototype and test a solution

Build Approach Each sprint will start with Sprint Planning on day 1 of your sprint. This requires some preparation to ensure that you have a list of user stories in your Product Backlog During Sprint Planning the team we have reviewed the already sized stories and understand the dependencies for build activities. We have decided that the sizing needs to be adjusted; each story should be small enough to be delivered in one sprint. If a story is too large, it should be split into smaller user stories if possible. During this phase, we leveraged the low code approach which helped us to develop the application quick and in a simple manner, Low code approach also improved our productivity as the low-code development tools create the code for us. We tested early and often which ensures the discovery of small issues before these issues snowball into larger, more costly defects that are harder to fix and retest later on. For the UX management, we used the Cosmos design system which provided us with a seamless user experience with reusable UI components that enrich the look and feel of the application.

ADOPTION PHASE: During The Adopt phase, we ensured that we get the most out of your solution deployment as we implement. We used the Pega platform provided tools to help and determine the health of the application, the Application Quality Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of the guardrail score and automated test coverage. During the lead up to go-live, we constantly reviewed progress against the Day 1 Live Plan to ensure that the business will be ready to adopt the application and we performed a release retrospective so that learnings we gained can be taken into the next releases.


As a team, we first worked and gathered information from the perspective of a user and we logically solved many user issues in medicine distribution packages and we came up with a new idea that it will be the best and more effective full-fledged medicine that is fully built on PEGA with advanced Sentimental Analysis techniques and Automated Chatbot functionalities.

We have used PEGA v (8.5), which supports more new functionalities and we can able to adapt to a new environment. We have also generated a KeyStore certificate so that our project can be built into ANDROID APPLICATION which can be built inside PEGA itself. And our further we have uploaded the app and it has been published on GOOGLE PLAYSTORE too.


The main key challenge we ran into was we used prediction studio and collaborated with FACEBOOK for SENTIMENTAL ANALYSIS. so, it was an active challenge for us to implement the feature. Then adding it on further we have to train chatbots on PEGA for booking the vaccine. So, it too became a challenging task for us to implement and do that. The Application was been also been published on Google Playstore so we had certain rules and regulations about how can an app be built into a full APK without any hassle.


SENTIMENTAL ANALYSIS: Facebook become a social site, where lots of people can exchange their judgments & opinion about any current issues. Facebook mainly used to express a view on a certain topic [2]. Sentiment analysis of Facebook data is providing an effective way to expose user opinion which is necessary for decision making in various fields. Facebook allows the user to post real-time short messages called comments. These comments are restricted to 140 characters in length [2, 14, 16]. Classification of sentiment analysis: Sentiment analysis basically ordered into 3 categories which are as given below: Positive sentiment: It is the gathering of good or positive words in the supposition Negative sentiment: If the negative words are available in the survey then the audit is called a negative opinion. These are also called bad words. Neutral sentiment: If the tweet is neither considered a negative nor positive tweet, it will be a neutral opinion. Facebook is used to express a view on a certain topic and allows the user to post real-time short messages called comments. These comments are restricted to 140 characters in length. We are using Facebook where users can give comments or reviews about the application we developed for example about the UI of the application etc... Sentiment analysis determines whether the Facebook comment expresses a negative, positive, or neutral opinion given by the user. Sentiment Analysis of Facebook data is providing an effective way to expose user opinion which is necessary for decision making in various fields.

Each sentence that undergoes sentiment analysis is assigned a sentiment score between -1 and 1

You define neutral sentiment within the available score range (-1 to 1), sentiments with a higher score than the neutral range are positive and with the lower score are negative.

Finally, we can generate reports for the overall percentage of people's opinion on the application This can be done and the comments can be extracted to the PREDICTION STUDIO in PEGA. OCR SCANNING ON MEDICAL BILLS: In our application, OCR technology could help digitize document types including but not limited to Clinical trial documents. Patient reports containing clinical data or medical records. Prescription slips or receipts may be used to verify a patient received medication. Alt text Alt text

GOOGLE SSO: The user can log in with the help of the Google account. When SSO is set up, users can sign in to their third-party IdP, then access Google apps directly without a second sign-in, with these exceptions: Even if they've already signed in to their IdP, as an extra security measure. Google Account SSO enables existing Gmail and G-Suite users to sign on to other application integrations. SSO simplifies the handling of passwords and identity.

OTP VERIFICATION: We have used mobile number verification using Sending OTP to their registered phone number. OTP Verification verifies the Mobile Number of users by sending OTP verification code during registration and login. It removes the possibility of a user registering with a fake Mobile Number.

PAYMENT GATEWAY: It encrypts sensitive credit and debit card details, ensuring that information is passed securely from the customer to the acquiring bank, via the merchant. In other words, the payment gateway works as the middleman between your customer and the merchant, ensuring the transaction is carried out securely and promptly.

CHATBOT: The last few years have seen a rapid surge in on-demand messaging that has shifted consumers’ way of communicating with brands. To provide superior customer service, more and more businesses today are integrating chatbots into their processes. We have used chatbots for booking appointment for the user and it will be more convenient for the user to book their appointment.

GOOGLE GEO-LOCATION API: The Distance Matrix API is a service that provides travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations. The API returns information based on the recommended route between start and endpoints, as calculated by the Google Maps API, and consists of rows containing duration and distance values for each pair. It is been used for delivering the medicine from the pharmacy to the user’s delivery address.

WHATSAPP MESSAGE: The WhatsApp Business API is primarily intended as a customer service solution. This means that the customer has the initiative to contact an organization via this channel. If you want to approach the customer yourself as an organization, you can only do so by using so-called WhatsApp Business template messages. These are also known as Highly Structured Messages (HSM). Then the user can receive their confirmation message directly from us.


A real-time message is composed of top-level scalar and value list properties on a clipboard page. The page is encapsulated and sent to the channel. When the broadcasted message is received by a node, the context of the message is checked against the subscriptions available on the node. If the contexts match, the message is delivered in JSON format.


The Credentials to Mobile-Auth Server and then Firebase server have been also provided so that Android App is built and has been deployed in the mobile phone and devices. This makes our application more compact and the UI has been designed based upon the compatibility of the device


This has been an awesome learning experience for all of us. As a PEGA Beginner, it’s been a great feel for us to start our carrier with this wonderful event. We really had a nice time working on PEGA 8.5 for the first time and usage of PREDICTION STUDIO for the first time.


Currently, this Care Boat has been published as an Android Application and in our future, it will be published in Apple Store too. The Sentimental Analysis has been done only on Facebook and in future, it will be done on all social media and would be integrated on the PEGA Platform. This application made us bring the application as a Product soon to the market.


Our Application has been published on Google Play Store. And any Android users can easily access it. For security purposes, we have kept BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION and then you can safely log in and use our Application. The GitHub Repository has been also given below.


Sentimental Analysis on Facebook comments using Data Mining Technique,2%2C%2014%2C%2016%5D

AI-Based Document Digitization in Healthcare – What’s Possible,verify%20a%20patient%20received%20medication

Research on Medicine Distribution Route Optimization for Community Health Service Institutions:

Community Medicine Distribution Route Planning Based on Ant Colony Algorithm :


COWIN (World’s Largest Vaccine Drive):






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We have hosted our Android app on Cloud Provided by Pega hackathon team, so the cloud will get down once the event gets over . And on future we will display our project in our own hosted cloud.

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