With Care@Home, Patients are able to attend better to their health needs in the comforts of their home. Patients used to wait and look for hours just to get a medical practitioner to take a look. They would jump from hospitals to another hospital just to find the care they need. Procedures or checkups they need seems to become an inconvenience rather than a need because of the current situation of mobility and access.

Now, with Care@Home and their integrated system, the patient journey has become easier and faster. Now, they can book a nurse at their convenience and schedule vital checkups and consultations without the hassle of leaving their homes.

Care@Home does an extensive screening of medical practitioners to ensure patients get the best healthcare possible.

They have also partnered with Insurance companies to ensure patients can access and process their insurance in a more convenient way.

They can rest easy knowing that they have access to doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners to care for their family at their fingertips.

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