Canada has a 5.9 million seniors according to the 2016 census which is one in every seven. Three in every fourteen are suffering with Alzheimer's. With a whopping rise in this number it is really hard to take care of the elderly people. We have seen many cases where the necessary CPR and other health checkups were given late. So we have developed a portal which solves the above problems.

What it does

Problem 1: Alzheimer's: As soon as the elderly person leaves the house, the app starts functioning. If the person falls down on the road on his way, an alert is raised for 30 Secs ( we can change this setting). If the user doesn't respond it will send an alert to the paramedics, a family member and his family doctor with a call and live location.

In most of the cases, the EMS teams are arrived after 10 mins of the accident and this prolongs the treatment and in our case, it is only 30 secs.

Problem 2: Doctor Monitoring: We are measuring the users heart rate, steps taken and sleep cycles ( using FitBit ) and this data is present to the doctor and user as well. If doctor observes any changes and wants to give any suggestions, medications or nutritional changes, this will be directly added to the user portal. He can also post details on when to visit the clinic for a health check up.

Problem 3: Medicine Shopping : It is a bit hard for the elderly to remember the medicine names and walk to the pharmacy, so we have integrated Brunet Pharma and Shoppers Drug mart data to the portal so that doctor or a family member can directly add medicines to the users cart.

Problem 4: Remembering them to take medicine on time: User can take medicines on time

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Making an Android app that works with the accelerometer and gyroscope was the toughest challenge we faced. Finally after 8 hours of work, we could build an accurate system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This works in real time

What I learned

Android concepts mostly.

What's next for Care Assistant

We want to pitch this as a start up idea. We want to introduce a buddy community for the elders as well.

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