cARe is an augmented reality chat-bot that covers and accompanies the user as a medical advisor. It simplifies the user experience for a smooth and successful medical encounter with a sense of companionship.

What can you do with cARe?

cARe is a friendly bot, which helps the user in:

  • Making a medical appointment with your doctor.
  • Accompany him/ her in these difficult times and provide mental health support.

cARe also could do some cool things like:

  • Giving advice about the measures we should take when you have contact with the outside.
  • Recommend activities to do during the quarantine at home.
  • Analyze the symptoms you have to verify the probability of coronavirus.
  • Learn simple measures like hand washing and social distancing.

How we built it

cARe Bot was build based on voice user interface principles. Through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Natural Language Understanding, Speech to Text and Text to Speech techniques, we created 3D interactive artificial human with Amazon Sumerian, Lex and Polly!

While talking to the chatbot, press the space button and hold, then release it after finishing your speech.

Website cARe can be accessed through our website, which presents a responsive, dynamic and mobile friendly UI. The website will also display the latest news and directives about COVID-19 thanks to the interaction with web APIs. React and CSS were used to implement the UI using code organised in small and isolated files which can interact with each other. cAre assistant has been integrated to the website using AWS and amazon Amplify.

Objectives achieved.

  • Made React website that integrates several APIs.
  • Made Amazon Sumerian interaction that is complemented with Amazon Lex.
  • The user can speak with our AR chatbot with a little few phrases.

Future of cARe - To be done.

  • Improve the user experience with cARe.
  • Add more services to our advisor website. For example:
    • Count to end of quarantine which is constantly updated from data.
    • Statistics around the world related with COVID-19.
  • Complete all the features of cARe.
  • Optimize the medical advisor for an mobile app.

Challenges we ran into.

  • Difficulties using chart.js
  • Errors with Javascript.
  • Multiple bugs.
  • Lack of time.
  • Adapting to new technologies.

Accomplishments that we are proud of.

  • We learned how to integrate AWS.
  • Great teamwork communication.
  • We solved several errors that appeared on our development.

What we learned.

  • AWS integrations.
  • React development.
  • Teamwork.
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