COVID-19 has been a huge issue lately and solving some aspect of the many issues it causes can really have a positive impact on society. Because of this we decided to use AR (echoAR) to create a sense of companionship and we integrated this into our website. The sense of companionship through AR which some people are lacking can really contribute to patient care and health.

What it does

Our website serves as a platform where you can get AR for a variety of reasons (specified on our AR page) and also donate, receive donations, and learn more about COVID. We felt that all of this played an important role in making an impact, so all of these are core functionalities of our website.

How I built it

This website was built primarily with my front-end skills so I used HTML and CSS and a bit of other programming to get this website done. Integrating echoAR was also a key part of this website and something I had to understand.

Challenges I ran into

The UI/UX was a hard part for me during this website because I had never quite created something like this before. I had to learn some new aspects of HTML/CSS which contributed a lot to my final product. Besides this, learning echoAR was also a hard part because I had never worked with it (or any AR) before. It was a learning experience but I'm glad to say I learned a lot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This being my first time using echoAR, learning how to use it presented some difficulties but I'm happy that in the end, I got it to work. I'm also glad the finished product turned out pretty well for all the difficulties I had, and I finished a project I can be proud of.

What I learned

From this project, I learned about web design and functionality and a lot about AR and using the echoAR platform.

What's next for cARe-19

The next main goal is definitely expansion and growing the website, increasing the resources available and AR abilities. An app is also something I'm looking into, where it can display various AR companions and items, to make the hospital (or home) feel a little less bland and more exciting.

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