With technology continuously growing an exponential pace, there are a plethora of ways to utilize these advancements to help promote creators' work. Whether it's from short films, music, or other creative fields, we are looking to enhance everyone's experience by providing a novel and innovative way to showcase their work.

The "CardsAgainstReality", CARds, is an augmented reality (AR) platform that allows users to upload files, images, or videos to their account on our platform. This will allow the user to demo/showcase their work using their "membership card", which could either be downloaded and printed, or by having one sent to their residence. As the user meets new people and shows their work, they are able to display their accomplishments (audio or video/image) using the AR platform provided by our app. The AR demonstration will provide an interactive 3D simulation of the user's repository.

CARds was built using the Vuforia AR development kit on the Unity IDE. The majority of the development was accomplished using C# in Unity, and will be supported with an online web browser platform during early continuous development. Approaching the Unity application presented a couple challenges which involved finding a solution to cycle through various video textures in the simulation. This was an issue using Android phones due to their lack of compatibility with some of the Unity API. However, our team was able to successfully implemented our desired functionality.

The future holds a great amount of opportunities. Our team will be looking to realizing our final goal for the CARds platform, as well as finding new innovative methods to deliver content to creators and customers.

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