The lack of good online TCG (Trading Card Game) applications. The best example for bad applications for a TCG would be the applications for MTG (Magic the Gathering). The best way to make a deck is using an ugly, slow, and sometimes even not working website,

What it does

We built an API for making TCG applications, which allows future developers to create deck builders, games, and many more creative applications. Using that API, we also made a MTG deck editor. This allows users to log in / register, get all the cards, their descriptions and images. The deck editor allows them to create, remove, and save decks.

How we built it

The deck editor was made using python (pygame graphics). It connects to a web server running the API, made using Flask, to retrieve card and account information.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a program to collect all the cards and their data. Sorting through tens of thousands of cards. Creating interesting UI design with raw level pygame graphics.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to go beyond the challenges listed above.

What we learned

While it may seem like a good idea to work the entire time period without any rest, doing so ends up with you making even more mistakes. We experienced that first hand.

What's next for Hideaway?

This deck editor can be extended to allow pvp duels with the MTG decks, making it very useful for lots of card players. This is what we plan on doing.

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