I started creating this game for Twitch for something that will get the chat moving. I then started creating this as an Alexa skill because I thought I could do even more with it.

What it does

You can battle Alexa for wonder coins and more cards, view your cards and if you have enough wonder coins you can purchase more cards.

How I built it

I started with a flow chart for a large overview. Like any skill I do I start at Launch and then start creating more handlers. I started making a name handler and then decided to scrap it and only do battle versus Alexa. Next, I created the battle handler, my cards handler, and buy cards handler. After all the voice was created I went back added APL and tweaked it until I was happy with it.

Challenges I ran into

Grabbing names is always difficult I have it in one of my skills and it works pretty good now but still always a trouble spot for me. APL is awesome but it also has so much it can do and I don't know it all but I learned a lot on this project alone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I love the start sequence with the 8 cards thrown out on the table that are all random.

What I learned

A lot, APL and APLA I didn't know much about till I started on this project. I could put together a pretty cool APL doc but I didn't know about binding data before and that is so huge in APL.

What's next for Cards of Wonder

PVP without getting names. Selling Cards which I had and I took it out because it wasn't available on all screens.

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