With the world dealing with the pandemic and humans being confined to the houses has affected us all not only physically as well as mentally. To top it off with our current work ethics, most of us don’t pay any heed to our physical health and thus are a victim of many health problems ranging from obesity to sugar . Seeing the lack of motivation in people nowadays ,with lazing around and not having the will to get out of bed and search around for exercise routine and diet plans,we decided to come up with a platform which brings all things healthy to you, just a click away. Introducing cardiU, a platform with easy navigation that caters to your health .

What it does

cardiU is a web-app that is aimed towards social good of the people and a tool to make healthcare an easy access. The website has a signup/login portal aimed at providing the user the best experience by providing a space secure and designed for them. With an easy navigation, the website provides you different plans targeting different aspects of physical fitness ranging from endurance exercise to flexibility exercise plans. Each category on clicking provides you different plans of exercise ranging from easy , medium and hard levels. Every exercise routine has video tutorials linked to help in delivering correct technique and posture to help in making the exercises fun and impactful. The website also has diet plans that contain easy and healthy recipes to make sure that the user has access to a healthy lifestyle targeting both physical fitness and good diet. The website also has a section dedicated towards calculating BMI (Body Mass Index) as well as giving alerts if it is above or below the appropriate range.

How we built it

We started the project after brainstorming ideas and making a figma prototype to bring our ideas onto paper in terms of functionality of the website, features, layout , color scheme etc. We then started building our prototype on the Qoom platform. We built webpages using HTML , CSS Javascript and JSON. We used login-logout features as well as embedding and redirecting web pages to youtube videos.

Challenges we ran into

Working on Qoom was challenging for us but fun nonetheless. One of the challenges we faced was working with the css file format on qoom because many times a minor change in css file led to major changes in the webpage layout but we managed to overcome it. Another technical glitch we faced was our progress not being stored and we had to start from scratch. Over the course of the hackathon we learned ways to overcome the challenges as well as familiarize ourselves with the platform .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re really proud of our idea and how it has come together in working towards providing people a good healthcare tool. The layout of the prototype ,the smooth functioning of the website and how it is catering to the problem we’ve taken up is something we were working on accomplishing. From the login portal to the diet recipes and exercise plans with BMI calculation page, everything's coming together nicely we're proud of every functionality we have been able to achieve during the course of the hackathon. Overall it has been a learning experience we all will carry with us and work on improving the project even after hackathon ends.

What we learned

Working on the prototype has been a learning experience for us all. Every step has taught us something. During the research phase, we ourselves came across resources and tips on improving our own health. We also learned about the Qoom platform and the functionality as well and by working on it we not only learned how to make the web-app but also figured out ways to solve the challenges we faced using the platform. We also learned how easy it is to embed youtube videos in the webpage but also tried our hands on the backend as well. We also learned more about css in terms of implementation and functionality.

What's next for cardiU

We have a lot in store for cardiU. Listing some below, we're planning on - 1)Building and embedding a fitness tracker. 2)Build a webpage that shows the nearest races (both competition and charity) g, fitness events and marathons around you so as to help you connect with communities working towards a healthy lifestyle. 3)Incorporating music playlists which can be customised to make health activities be more fun and impactful. 3)Adding a section which talks about the benefits of healthy lifestyle and subsections talking about the importance of running etc. 4)Adding more diet plans, food recipes and providing a portal where you can add your recipes to share with other users. 5) Making the platform more user friendly by helping you customise your own fitness routine apart from choosing the existing plans.

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