Reminds us to share our most emotional moments while creating a deeper connection with others. Such as your heart rate during a proposal.

What it does

Platform that stores and analyzes heart data real-time or life-time.

HeartTweet - Share your most precious moments, auto-notified to tweet when your heart rate is elevated - share your most high BPM adventures

How we built it

Firebase for the backend/front end. With bootstrap for TheAdrenalineClub. Twitter API / Fabric for twitter integration with Android Wear & Android OS. Android Studio-Android Wear-Android OS for moto360 heart rate integration to nexus phone. Domains DOT club for the two domains.

Challenges we ran into

User Acquisition so we created HeartTweets &

What we learned

Firebase integration, twitter integration, android wear, wearables integration, moto integrations, heart sensor technology, limitations of wearables.

What's next for

Acquire users.

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