It's common knowledge that obesity is a global health epidemic, due to a lack of motivation to work out.

What it does

As you workout, CardioByte adjusts the music that you're listening to depending on your heart rate. In addition, it mines a custom cryptocurrency to securely reward our users for working out.

How we built it

Using Android Studio, we combined the power of AWS' DynamoDB, Cognito, and S3 to handle all things user-related. A custom cryptocurrency was developed with an extremely high hash rate to allow for mining on mobile devices.

Challenges we ran into

With an average of 0.5 years of Android experience between us, creating graphical assets along with implementing complex algorithms for audio visualization was quite difficult. Additionally, HCI research for UI and UX was quite time consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a user first design that focuses on HCI principles, along with multiple iterations.

What we learned

UI/UX is extremely crucial to any application.

What's next for CardioByte

Procedurally generated music while running. Custom hardware design to maximize cryptocurrency hashing rate. Friend groups to exchange our cryptocurrency between.

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