Take The Wind (www.takethewind.com) has developed CARDIO SALUTIS, an app integrated with the SMArt Apps EMR container and designed to improve results of healthcare cardiovascular risk management by healthcare providers. The basic chronic or life-threatening illnesses can have a devastating impact on both the patient and the family. Nowadays, the population of OECD countries has an average prevalence of high blood pressure (40% of all population), overweight (40%), pre-diabetic (15%) and diabetics (9%). Those indicators anticipate a continuous financial effort on treatment. When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness, each dollar spent on prevention, by educating the consumer to make smarter health choices, can bring more than 5 times of ROI.   CARDIO SALUTIS is an intuitive and useful tool to help the physician on its daily interaction with patients. The app calculates the cardiovascular risk by applying data from the clinic records. It tracks specific risk factors time evolution and makes a dynamic simulation about the treatment compliance. Furthermore, it delivers visual content and guidelines according the specific patient situation.CARDIO SALUTIS helps physicians to empower the patients, accomplishing better results on therapeutic adherence and therefore huge costs savings. The app can be easily adopted as a smart add-on by existing clinical information systems, without major constrains. Contributors to this work include: Ana Macedo, Jonatan Pedrosa, José Gomes, Márcio Glória, Pedro Monteiro, Pedro Pinto, Rogério Marques and Tiago Alves. 

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