Patients of heart diseases can find a doctor, make an appointment and communicate with them easily after the appointment. For example, a patient can check the medicines doctor's prescription in our app to get related information about adverse effects and recall records and talk to the doctor through our app.

What it does

Allow patients to find a doctor to make an appointment and also encourage direct connection with the doctor via the app.

How we built it

Using Mockingbot to build a prototype of our app. Using HTML add CSS to build a web demo.

Challenges we ran into

We need to figure out how to link openFDA data to our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It will be convenient for patients to get more information about the medicine they are taking.

What we learned

We learn how to make a website by using HTML and CSS and make an app prototype with Mockingbot.

What's next for CardinalMed

We are willing to make this app available in the market for people to use.

Built With

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