This project was created by Cooper Union students Do Hyung Kwon, Minyoung Na, Elvin Hu, and Evan Bubniak as part of the hackNYU 2019 hackathon, between February 15 and February 17.

Cardinal asks questions about your running background and goals, hooks into your Spotify library, and generates workout playlists based on your running goals.


Running is an important part of cardiovascular health. Users often take up running with goals in mind: for instance, increasing their endurance, lowering their resting heart rate, or burning calories.

Research has shown that 75% of people aren't sure whether they're running too much or too little to reach their goals. Furthermore, users tend to respond to fast-paced music by speeding up, and slower-paced music by slowing down. Currently, available exercise apps on the market take advantage of this by offering DJ-curated playlists to help users meet their running goals.

But users don't want to listen to DJ-curated playlists, especially people whose tastes fall outside of the US top-40 hits. User research we conducted during the hackathon demonstrates that people want to listen to their own music when they're running.

Our team identified an unmet need for a fitness app that hooked into the user's already-existing Spotify My Music Library,

What it does

When the user starts an exercise session on the app, it will display a live graph of their heart rate, start an exercise stopwatch, and begin playback of a playlist tailored to the chosen workout. The tracks are picked based on their length and BPM.

How we built it

We mostly used the react-native environment to work across different platforms.

Challenges we ran into

Since we're attempting to build an Iphone app using apple-watch APIs, we ran into problems when some of the group members did not have access to a mac.

What's next for Cardinal

Hopefully, we would be able to implement all the features that are currently on the app purely for design,.


This project uses react-native, react-native-elements, react-native-svg, react-native-spotify, react-navigation, rn-apple-healthkit, d3-shape, and expo.

Use of the app requires a Spotify account and Apple Watch.

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