Do I look like I know what a JPEG is?

What it does

As you run, it taps into your accelerometer and calculates your current velocity. It then classifies it into 1 of 4 categories and plays no audio if you're going too slow, really awful quality audio if you're going slightly faster, a kinda crappy quality version if you're going at an okay speed, and full quality if you're going at your best speed.

How I built it

We used Xamarin to build an Android app that leverages its accelerometer readings and native audio playback capabilities. We built it using C# and NAudio with our signal processing going through Mathematica on an AWS server where the audio is stored and retrieved.

Challenges I ran into

Our Android Emulator didn't work. It was awful. So we had to recreate it as a Windows application, but the code is nearly 100% portable since shit's native.

What I learned

I now know what a JPEG is.

What's next for CardiAudio

Testing and making the app work, but only if we're not lazy (Spoiler: we're lazy).

Built With

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