Our team was highly motivated by implementing more human qualities to interactions through technology.

What it does

The app allows the FitBit Ionic to record heart rates of the user while he/she is looking through profiles. If a heart rate spikes or rises are higher than the user's normal, they will "like" that person's profile. If the users heart rates remained constant throughout, then the person will choose to "skip" over the person's profile.

How we built it

We used JavaScript for the front end, such as the cards for different people and the swiping interface. We also used node.js and cordova.

Challenges we ran into

Permissions between sending data. HTTP pushing and pulling, and struggling with servers to do such things. The FitBit API is not recommended. Ever.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning to create apps for the FitBit and especially it's heart rate sensor leads to uncharted territory. It's very exciting to see that what we're developing is at the entry towards lifestyle and medical technology development.

What we learned

HackUMBC food is pretty good. <3

What's next for Cardiac Connection

We plan on integrating more and more of human characteristics into technology to change the current standards.

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