“Cardful” is a business card management app which has the world's first* full-fledged integration with Evernote.

  • First to implement features for managing all business card data on Evernote and also enable users to edit and sync their business card data to and from their iPhone app (Cardful) and PC Evernote client.

  • Portable : Allows users to carry ALL business cards inside their iPhones and manage cards using Evernote.
  • Add new cards with ease : Just by taking pictures of the cards with their iPhone camera, users can register new cards (with image adjustment and OCR carried out automatically).
  • Powerful search options : Possible to search not only by text but also by iPhone calendar events (using time when the card was registered).
  • Register in bulk : Allows users to register multiple business cards at once by scanning cards using PC scanners (Mac/Win) and then synchronizing data to “Cardful”.

  • Accurately register texts from business cards using a high-precision OCR.
  • Image trimming and image adjustment carried out automatically to ensure high quality images.
  • Run a “consecutive OCR” to automatically process and register all notes without OCR text recognition carried out.

  • Able to conduct keyword search for all texts inside cards.
  • Able to display and search for cards by “time registered”, using the iPhone calendar.
  • Add notes / memos to business cards for remembering important information.
  • Make phone calls, view maps, send e-mails and open websites directly from numbers / addresses / URLs inside cards.
  • Display business cards in full screen mode.
  • Forward business cards via e-mail.
  • Export and copy information to standard iPhone “Contacts”.

  • English
  • Japanese

  • iOS 5.0 and higher
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